Fashion Designer to Forbes 30 Under 30 Tech Founder

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Amanda Curtis grew up in the fashion industry and believes sustainability should be a part of every business. She is a co-founder of designer-direct fashion platform Nineteenth Amendment, which connects customers with the best designers from around the world and offers exclusive access to their collections at pre-sale prices. Garments are made post order, eliminating the significant waste the fashion industry is known for. Nineteenth Amendment is a platform & business model that offers designers a smart way to break into the fashion industry. With a significant reduction in time, effort and money to bring products to new markets, brands can grow domestic manufacturing and offer fashion lovers their product straight from an aggregated runway.

Amanda understands designer needs and challenges first hand. After earning degrees from Boston University and Parsons School of Design, Amanda worked as a designer for Richie Rich, DVF, and A-list celebrities during New York Fashion Week. She even brought a solo designed collection to London Fashion Week before entering into the tech startup world, where she was able to gain insight into the ins and outs of the startup hustle. Amanda is among the elite few to have made the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, along with Apparel Magazine's 30 Under 30, and National Retail Federation’s top 25 People Shaping Retail’s Future. She is also a mentor at famed tech accelerator network TechStars along with AOL's Built by Girls.

We learn more about this incredibly impressive woman today, shortly after the announcement of a partnership with CFDA, in which Nineteenth Amendment will provide increased access to domestic manufacturing for a new pool of designers.


With a background like yours, we would love to know your definition of FemmBoss.

FemmBoss means owning your own narrative and carrying that narrative authentically through every aspect of your life.

Did you always want to start a company?

I was always entrepreneurial as a child so starting a company was something I always wanted to do. I was also exposed the world of fashion and the world of tech at a very young age so becoming a fashion designer, then entering into the tech startup world was a natural extension. Finally merging those two worlds through Nineteenth Amendment was also a natural progression.

Has sustainability always been a passion of yours?

Yes, and I believe that sustainability should just be a part of all businesses. Operating with maximizing the best impact and minimize any harmful impact.

It must have been a challenge setting up the supply chain for your business. Do you have any success tips that you can share about this or anything else you have tackled along the way?

Always ask [for help].

Good tip! Every FemmBoss has relied on the help of others in some capacity to get where she is. We should be asking questions and learning every single day.

Can you take us through a typical day for you?

There are no “typical” days in the life of an entrepreneur, but I try to make sure that each day I have some sort experience like a chat with a designer or connecting with one of our manufacturers that brings me back to the mission of Nineteenth Amendment.

From Nineteenth Amendment website: “Transparency and responsible manufacturing are at our core. Only products that sell are made and you’re invited to experience the production journey as it takes place.”

What is your platform of preference? Where can you make your voice heard & where do you get your news?

I love LinkedIn. It still feels somewhat pure and communal and I also can talk about business and get information from peers in the space that I trust on a work level.

How did you decide what platform to build your e-commerce site on?

We build a custom platform because the way we retail is different than anything else out there.

Finally, what’s next for Nineteenth Amendment?

Our CFDA partnership! [Read more about the partnership on WWD.]

Thank you Amanda!