5 Ways NYFW Was Seriously Impacted by Fashion Tech

New York is a hub for both technology and fashion, so it is fitting that New York Fashion Week is the place to see and be seen in the world of fashion tech. From VR to wearables, NYFW delivered in pushing the boundaries of the fashion experience using technology. Below is our recap.

Virtual Reality allowed all of us to be front row at the shows, which is exactly we've always wanted. Rather than limiting shows to the editorial and fashion elite, Intel (powered by Voke) and IMG partnered to make a whole slew of shows accessible to 360° for anyone with a VR headset. If that's not incentive enough to run to Samsung, I don't know what is. 

3D Printed Fabrics made headway at this year's NYFW. 3D printed fabrics just may be smart enough to provide an inexpensive alternative to internationally outsourced production and they were more popular than ever on the runway this year. They may be names you don't recognize, but perhaps you should.

Still, wearables on the runway left something to be desired, with wearable.com providing a rundown of what was on offer. As they point out, the fashion world has traditionally been quicker to adopt technology that helps designers sell and share merchandise rather than incorporating tech into design. 

In seasons past, we've seen the likes of Nineteenth Amendment making the runways shapable for us impatient millenials, and now brands themselves are following suit. RL opened it's doors immediately after the runway show and also made the show shapable in real time, while Tommy Hilfiger toyed with chatbots and immediate shopping experiences. Check out the full rundown with BoF here.

Source: Tommy Hilfiger

Source: Tommy Hilfiger

FashionTech company REVEAL brought emerging designers to Fashion Week with their tech-enabled pop up shops. This moveable pop up shop uses RFID tags to give you all the information on your garments as you enter their fitting room. It feels like the future of both try-ons and physical shopping without actually leaving fashion week venues.

That's the lowdown on NYFW September 2016. Please let me know if I missed happenings you caught!