The Only Way to Guarantee a Relaxing Moving Day

A few weeks ago, I attended one of the most impressive early stage demo days I have seen in recent months. The second cohort over at XRC Labs was full of innovative fashion technologies and applications along with products I needed to have yesterday.

Note: A demo day is generally the culmination of a startup accelerator, when entrepreneurs pitch their big ideas to press, colleagues, potential partners and investors, all in under 10 minutes.

After the event, I caught up with Michael and Karen over at FURNISHR, the online platform that allows consumers to buy furniture for an entire room in one go using beautiful pre-configured room designs. For someone who has been on multiple international assignments for under a year at a time, this concept seems immediately viable to me. 

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What is the concept behind FURNISHR?

FURNISHR started with the simple idea that furnishing a home is a pain and we could make this process much easier. We help our clients get back to life while we transform an apartment into a beautiful home. People don't realize how much time it takes to research different furniture styles, trying to find the piece in a store, then figuring out how to get it delivered and assembling it yourself. All the coordination is brutal and we remove this entire stress. It just makes a room or home so easy to furnish.

Who are your clients?

So far it's been residential developers, vacation home companies and people relocating. We launched the public platform a month ago, really trying to reach out to customers to make it easier for them to furnish. So recently, it's be more young professionals relocating from one city to another. Both men and women have been using FURNISHR because everyone is really just looking for a way to furnish their homes quickly and nicely.

What has the feedback been so far? Have you had to make iterations along the way?

Feedback has been great so far. People have been feeling the designs that Karen has created so far and how convenient it's been for them.

In terms of iterations, we've definitely had some. The key is always to keep an open mind and adjust as your customers’ needs change.

How are you leveraging technology to accomplish your goals?

Our room planner helps our customers visualize their spaces and planning it out more accurately.

Okay, interesting. And are you thinking about things like machine learning or AI for future applications?

We'd love to introduce that type of machine learning. Right now, we're looking to rely on partners as it's not our current expertise.


You just presented at XRC demo day, how was the accelerator experience for you?

It was a great experience. The XRC ‘fam’ was very supportive from the first cohort to the current one. We've met some awesome mentors who've provided a ton of great guidance and advice. The crew at XRC Labs has been amazing and put us in a position to continue growing.

So what's next for FURNISHR?

We're focused on the direct to consumer channel and being able to spread the word on how we're helping people avoid the hassles of furnishing.

Any tips for people entering the fashion tech space? 

We're constantly learning as well, but if I can impart a few words of wisdom: Always keep an open mind and ask questions. It's the best way to learn and to continue to improve.

Mistakes will happen and you can do the best you can to prevent them but sometimes they're just out of your control. The best thing to do is to be flexible and be able to adapt to things quickly.

And above all else, enjoy the journey. Take time to connect with the people that you meet along the way because some become great friends.

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Note, Casey is an alumna of XRC Labs.