Tech Accessories to Up Your Style Game

I am a huge fan of accessories making the outfit. Blue jeans and a white tee paired with a fabulous necklace, colorful iPad case and chic belt brings your look from every day casual to high street style in an instant. Here is a review of the hottest tech and tech enabled accessories to show off your style and savvy.

AWAY - Labeled 'first class luggage at coach price,' this sexy carry-on can actually charge your phone on the go. Yes, please!

FRENDS - These headphones are just plain cool. I am not a headband girl, but the right headphones or sunnies work for that casual chic hair-back look every time. Bonus, these are perfect earmuffs in cooler months.

RINGLY - This cocktail ring will buzz when a notification goes off on your phone. Now you don't have to check your phone for 'work' updates every 30 seconds. Enjoy your dinner! Coming in Fall 2016: finally a stylish fitness tracker.

HERMÈS iWATCH - I cannot have a conversation about luxe tech accessories without including the Apple Watch Hermès. It has sexy cool written all over it (or was that a text?). 

EDWARD FIELD - Where function and fashion collide: Edward Field is a leather cover for your phone that doubles as a wallet. Hello streamlining! The material is super soft yet sturdy and comes in a rainbow of colors. I'll take one of each, please.