Review: Zola Bridal Registry App - Long Story Short, It's Awesome

Zola is a the burgeoning gift registry for the digital age. It allows users to register for item from many types of stores, meaning all gifts, in one place. You can even register for cash toward a honeymoon fund or for experiences like a cooking class.

As with so many successful fashion - tech companies, this concept seems ridiculously simple. No more defining yourself by your choice between a Barney's registry versus Bloomys. No more piece meal registries to cover kitchenware and home goods. No more feeling uncomfortable asking for cash and finally a chance to ask for that ski trip you've been coveting. 

While we've seen others in this space before, Zola seems to have the aesthetic as dreamy as the special day and the aggregation truly on point. I definitely did some homework and found the crystal I would go for in addition to the perfect high quality Etsy-style Turkish towels we all MUST HAVE in our possession plus some amazing starter guides because honestly, who knows where to start?     

Zola gets a 4 out of 5 from this FemmBoss. The fifth star will come when I can filter further. Because everyone loves a type A bride.