3 Articles to Navigate Blockchain

You've heard it in the street an maybe even your living room: Blockchain. If you're anything like us, the concept of an invisible record of everything is a little too jetsonian to get your head around. At the same time, we know that in order to stay relevant in the fashion conversation, we need to be on top of our tech game. Alas, we've done a bit of homework. Here are three incredible articles to break down this hot space for us, and you

First a few ground facts we've gathered from our reading:

  1. Blockchain is a way to structure data. 
  2. Blockchain technology creates a digital ledger (like an excel spreadsheet) recording the exchange of assets.
  3. That digital ledger is decentralized (not controlled by any one body) and once on the blockchain, records cannot be edited, which is why people agree it is tamper-proof.
  4. Cryptography (secure communication) is used to allow participants to manipulate the ledger. This removes the need for one central authority.
  5. Bitcoin is not the same as Blockchain. Bitcoin is built on the blockchain. 

Now, the articles, as promised!

  1. Fortune's 30 second description is a decent place to start for a basic overview, but we kind of wanted to dive deeper. Stay with us if you agree. 
  2. Business Insider takes us one step further with the detail. We're glad we read Fortune first.
  3. This IBM cheatsheet provides a complete breakdown using simple definitions, great for us tech mortals. Skip to 'What is blockchain, exactly?' for a simple summary. 

And a fourth for the advanced class: check out this WSJ article for some more in depth knowledge. 

As always, let us know if you have anything to in the comments section below.