Slack: What's all the Buzz About?

Here's the bottom line: Everyone hates email and tech teams often work remotely. Enter: Slack, a messaging app for teams to spend less time searching for conversations around one topic. Sounds simple, right? Well, the application was developed by Stewart Butterfield, a co-founder of Flickr, giving some insight into how well thought out the platform and functionality actually are. 

Slack Brings all Team Communication to one Place

No more searching email threads, hopping on Skype for a quick call, and checking text conversation just to keep up to date on projects. Slack allows teams to host all communications in one place, organized by channels and conversations that are easily searchable. i.e. Your content team has a channel, your board has a channel, you and your subordinates have a channel, your homepage dev team has a channel and you create a general channel for company updates. The point is, you decide. Slack's new group call functionality also just introduced one more layer to the ever growing list of integrations.

Slack has Thousands of Integrations

Along the same vein of keeping all communication in one place, Slack integrates with the tools your teams already use. Dropbox, Mailchimp, and Trello to name a few, the app allows you to share code, files and more all in one place, and then look back for the content whenever you need it. This is probably the biggest time saver of all. Slack also integrates with bots, many of which have actually been created for Slack. 

See the immense list of integrations here

Accessible Anywhere

Maybe this doesn't need to be stated in 2016, but Slack is accessible anywhere and perfect for teams that don't all sit in the same room. What's noteworthy here is that the layout and functionality of the mobile app are pleasantly clean and simple to use.  


The Slack Lite plan is free and something I have never graduated from, but with the addition of calls (Lite plan users can only have 2 person calls), I may go up to the next plan at $6.67/mo for group calls and a host of other bonuses including unlimited storage. Check out the rates plan here.