Five Podcasts to Make You Smarter in Fashion (+ Tech)

I am a huge fan of podcasts. If you haven't hit this wave of of digital intake yet, let me preach for a hot second.

Not only adding spice to your commute, a good podcast can make you better in your job, in your relationships, in your life. Certainly you will be a better dinner table guest, and honestly, that's step one in networking your way to the top. So get your listening device out, your trendy new headphones in and listen to these podcasts to make you the smartest cookie at the table when in comes to who's-who and what's-what in fashion-tech. 

  1. Fashion is Your Business - It's no shock this is my number one. I am a huge fan and friend of Pavan and Rob's. This dynamic duo turned trio with the fabulous Marc at the mic is funny, insightful and has some pretty inspiring guests, often female, dishing on the newest developments in fashion and technology. More tech focused than the rest of my list, I honestly learn something every time I listen and often go back to repeat episodes and soak in the nuances.  
  2. - Refashion is a downright refreshing podcast, with Cristina's approach being very targeted in each episode. She will speak with successful fashion entrepreneurs and pinpoint one element her guest has absolutely nailed, be it attracting influencers on Instagram or creating walking billboards through ambassador programs. She will dig into the point and have a fun and information conversation with follow up editorial as an ongoing resource. With most podcasts being a bit all over the place and and providing zero written follow up, I think this may be the best all around listen and read.
  3. Oh Boy - Perhaps an expected choice, the powerful female guests on the ManRepeller podcast are inspiring, diverse and generally make me want to do better. The interactions feel personal and you always learn how these amazing people got to where they are. The roads are invariably diverse and that's kind of what makes the listening experience so captivating. Not to be overlooked, host Jay Buim is also a pure joy to be with for my morning cup of joe. (If you're looking to get per-son-al with Leandra, try Monocycle for TMI and AM giggles.) 
  4.  American Fashion Podcast - The sister podcast to Fashion is Your Business, American Fashion Podcast is a weekly conversation on all facets of the fashion industry, from photography to social development to interviews with top designers. The angle is often on the evolution of fashion and business, which gives a full perspective to a millennial listener who may simply know the industry as it is now
  5. Spirit of 608 - This show on the 'future of fashion' has a prescriptive focus on Fashion, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Tech, dubbed FEST. You'll hear stories, tips and advice from people in the know and people who are making positive changes in the world of sustainable fashion-tech. Longtime journalist Lorraine takes an editorial, albeit sometimes long winded, approach to the future of fashion. The best element of this podcast is, oddly enough, the write-ups. Likely due to Lorraine's journalist background, she has a detailed review of each show so you can browse and listen to those highly relevant to your interests. I appreciate a woman who doesn't want to waste my precious morning minutes. 

For the non-fashion-tech podcast pick of the day, try The Tim Ferris Show. From the writer of The Four Hour Work Week (read it), The Tim Ferris Show has a predominantly self improvement angle and always has the listener thinking about his or her approach to life, goals and achieving them faster, smarter and more efficiently. Long story short, you will learn from experts in various and even far-fetched fields how to improve your performance and productivity 10x. Who doesn't want that?